50 Resources and five editions later (US2020 Disinformation news, ed. 5)

Domestic disinformation & delegitimisation

America has mainstreamed disinformation against itself

‘foreign meddling’ can only exploit and exacerbate a society’s existing flashpoints

the knowledge that disinformation exists can convince people that truth is unknowable

post-election period offers a “better chance to push more Americans to extremes than ever before”

How did mainstream media cope?

Traditional media plays an agenda-setting role on foreign interference allegations, with claims that were endorsed by institutional outlets receiving higher impact scores — Evaluating contradictory foreign interference allegations in the 2020 U.S. election.

Social media and Censorship

Next stop: Fediverse?

Hopefully it will be a more optimistic topic… the sheer awfulness of American politics right now is heartbreaking

My overwhelming memory from France’s regional elections were the manicured middle class voters on my nightly news, explaining that they no longer felt ashamed of telling friends and family that they support the National Front. They achieved a New Normal.

And that, to be frank, scares the hell out of me. American Nazis are, like Trump, a bit of a joke. European fascists are far more intellectual, far more professional, and No Laughing Matter At All. Plus: I live here.
Prepping for the AfterTrump, March 2016



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