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What did I learn about learning as I explored using Zettelkasten idea and knowledge management to write five newsletters about disinformation in the 2020 US elections?

A couple of months ago I introduced an enewsletter into my personal content strategy to explore how Zettelkasten-powered idea and knowledge management could improve my personal productivity and creativity

What did I learn from Hubbing 50 resources and writing five editions on disinformation during the US elections?

A couple of months ago I introduced an enewsletter into my personal content strategy to explore how Zettelkasten-powered idea and knowledge management could improve my personal productivity and creativity. I chose a specific subject — “disinformation in the US 2020 elections”- both because it interests me and to ensure I’d have plenty of material.

In this 5th edition — the last with that specific editorial focus — I’ll set out what I learnt about the topic itself, while in a companion post

Six Disinformation Threats in the Post-Election Period (Just Security)

There are two possible reasons why we are not talking as much about foreign interference. Both could be true. Only one is good news.

Welcome to edition 4 of my newsletter on disinformation in the US2020 elections, assembled from notes made as I Hubbed another 20 resources over the past fortnight as part of my enhanced personal content strategy.

A prominent theme from previous editions was domestic disinformation, particularly Republican efforts to delegitimise the election results. This edition’s resources offer two possible reasons why we are not talking as much about foreign interference. Yet.

Keeping their powder dry

The most worrying idea is Just…

How a decades-long election delegitimisation campaign, amplified by social media disinformation, intersects with the death of a Chief Justice in a GoT-worthy season finale of “US democracy: Endgame”.

This week saw two major themes emerge in the resources I Hubbed to my #US2020 #Disinformation Overview as part of my enhanced personal content strategy.

The first theme, touched upon previously, is Trump’s longstanding strategy to #delegitimise the election results. This stretches further back than his 2016 campaign — it’s part of a longer, multi-generational Republican strategy to suppress voting and prepare the ground for post-election legal appeals. …

This edition’s 9 articles span the real meaning of “foreign meddling” and domestic flashpoints, social media platform preparations for Election Night and beyond, and how media has to go beyond factchecking as it tackles “pink slime” (yes, it’s a thing).

It’s the second edition (here’s the first), and I’m already tweaking my process: as I Hubbed the 9 Resources tagged #us2020 and #disinformation covered below, I used my own words, rather than select, copy, paste & edit. In the process I think I created what Zettelkasters call Permanent Notes rather than literature notes, except that they’re public, appearing as an…

One place for everything, some of it shared

I’m exploring how MyHub.ai could become a unique hybrid of personal publishing and productivity tools by launching a newsletter powered by Zettelkasten knowledge and idea management, all hosted on my Hub.

November 2020: here what I learnt:

I’ve been helping clients integrate their internal and external communication, knowledge management and innovation strategies for some time, so it’s probably normal for me to integrate my own personal publishing and productivity tools.

it makes no sense to put your Notes, Ideas & Bookmarks in one place (or 3), and what you Write, Do & Like in another

After all, both tools manage…

How I tagged the first 7 articles tagged #US2020 & #disinformation

I’m (re)launching my newsletter to focus on disinformation during the 2020 US election. It’s also part of a wider experiment in integrating Zettelkasten idea and knowledge management into my personal content strategy, hosted on MyHub.ai.

This first edition is reposted from my Hub, where you can also browse all editions, subscribe to future editions, get an RSS feed of relevant content as I curate them, and check out my constantly evolving (public) notes in the Zettelskan Overview underpinning it. More on how I’m integrating Zettelkasten into my personal content strategy:

This first edition sets the scene by summarising 7 resources…

During a recent internal European Commission training, published here, Knowledge4Policy’s “PolicyLayer” generated a lot of interest, but staff are even more interested in our approach to online communities.

Earlier this month I ran a 90-minute training course on Knowledge4Policy (“K4P”) for the “PolicyMaking Hub”, an internal professional development programme for policymaking in the European Commission. The training session was popular and well received: almost 50 people showed up, and a repeat was requested for 13 October (EC staff can already register).

Although “PolicyMaking Hub” training material is generally limited to EC staff, the EC agreed we could publish it…

For the 6th episode of his Futurized podcast, Trond Undheim asked me why surveillance capitalism inevitably leads to polarised, undemocratic and dysfunctional societies, and what we must do about it.

With a interview looming for Trond Undheim’s Futurized podcast, I needed to review everything I had ever Hubbed relevant to surveillance capitalism, polarisation, social media and society. Time to pilot Zettelkasten Pages on my Hub.

When MyHub.ai launched last March it included ‘Service Pages’ for adding value to each Hub’s collection of Resources. As the name suggests, you create one to summarise the Services you provide in a particular field.

Unlike most webpages, each Service Page is underpinned by a set of tags.

Each Service Page “summarises what you do in a particular area, and guides readers to your most relevant content — including the relevant Stuff you Think and Do”FAQ: What are Service Pages?

After your manually-written description (“Body”), each Service Page auto-provides:

  • the latest 9 Resources you’ve Hubbed and Highlighted…

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