Designing social platforms fit for the future

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If we don’t solve surveillance capitalism…

  • the result of a deliberately “hands off” regulation strategy, which Big Tech now spends millions on lobbying to maintain;
  • profoundly undemocratic and dehumanising.

Optimised for enragement

optimising for engagement results in platforms optimised for enragement

Looking ahead

  • think back: do you remember what things were like 5 years ago?
  • so now extrapolate forward: where will we be in 5 years?

“If we don’t change course, in the future we will be less will informed, more polarised, massively manipulated, living in more corrupt and less democratic societies, and unable to solve the challenges we face”

Can we regulate it?

regulating surveillance capitalism would represent an existential threat to some of the largest, richest and most powerful companies on the planet. Don’t hold your breath.

Can we find alternatives?

Instead of collecting and selling data about people, collects metadata about content… so we optimise for content discovery, not engagement

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we optimise for content discovery and improving our users’ information diets, as that’s how we train our AI



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