Fair enough. Personally I never feel comfortable republishing across platforms — copy/paste, even with auto-update, seems a bit cheap, somehow. I took a different tack, as Before you Repost it, ReThink It explains. TL;DR:

  • Reposting your blog on LinkedIn and Medium is a no-brainer. Which is precisely the problem — it takes no brains. Besides, rehashing other people’s knowledge — even your own — is about as useful as mastering a photocopier.
  • Instead, let your post simmer in the deeper recesses of your mind until you get a new, original thought on the same topic
  • use it to ReThink your old post on one of the other platforms — ie copy/paste; update; argue with yourself; quote another source; explore a different angle; expand or tighten it. Any comments you got to the original post provide a good starting point
  • that way I’m forced to continue thinking about what I’m writing after hitting ‘Publish’, rather than simply repeating myself in different places.

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