From foreign meddling to pink slime (US2020 Disinformation news, ed. 2)

Looking in the mirror for the problem

‘foreign meddling’ can only exploit and exacerbate a society’s existing flashpoints, and this election year provided a Perfect Storm Trifecta

  • in much the same way that an immune system over-response does more damage than the virus it’s fighting, the media response to Russian disinformation can magnify it,
  • while relatively few people may actually be swayed by the message content, its existence can convince people that the truth is unknowable and/or make them paranoid and feaful.

Fearing Peace Data

Exploiting BLM

Platform (ir)responsibility

A new tag: delegitimise

Journalism, (d)evolving

Beyond Factchecking

  • as factcheckers need to establish non-partisan status, they are equally tough on all sides … but all sides don’t lie the same
  • factcheckers are read by the converted, not by those who need to, who are very unlikely to believe it anyway due to motivated reasoning
  • lies are told 1000 times and factchecked once.

A deep dive into Pink Slime

  • driven by diversification, with single-issue pink slime now focusing on everything from religious orientation to business news,
  • enabled by AI, with over 90% of the stories in the largest two networks algorithmically generated using technology created by a single company



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