While you’re reading dog ear pages, and underline passages that stand out to you.

Great post. The only thing I’d mention is that most people don’t just read books! Fortunately, there are loads of digital equivalents to dog-earing pages and underlining passages for when you’re reading on a PC or phone.

My favourite tools and processess:

  • Queue interesting resources onto your To Read list using Pocket. It’s now immediately everywhere you are — browser, phone, etc.
  • Store with annotations: when reading, select a particularly interesting passage and post the resource to your Diigo account, and tag it. Now you’ll always be able to find it whenever you need it
  • Share it & create ToDos: if I tag a resource ‘like’ on Diigo, IFTTT auto-posted to my TumblrHub (my sort of ultra-lowcost public library); if I tag it ‘DoIt’, IFTTT creates a ToDo in the InBox of DoIt.im, my task manager.
  • Write about it: every 2–4 weeks I select some of the most interesting resources I’ve stored over the previous few weeks and write an edition of my Topi3ics enewsletter, which I post to my TumblrHub (browse them, subscribe). That way I further absorb and integrate the most interesting things I read
  • Generally that will eventually result in a blog post
  • Lastly, I never just repost my posts to Medium or LinkedIn — I rethink it too

More details on the above processes and tools, plus how to integrate them into a productive daily routine:

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