Have you checked out the Instagantt plugin yet? It creates a GANTT chart from your Asana project, allowing you to add dependencies, etc.

Moreover, it’s bidirectional - edits you make on your Gantt chart are reflected back into your Asana tickets.

It’s sweet but not perfect, for two reasons (neither the programmers’ fault):

  • Asana tickets don’t have Start dates, so making a meaningful Gantt chart from a pre-existing Asana project can involve a lot of tweaking
  • if you apply an Instagantt to an existing Asana project (as I did), you’ll find that your tickets may not lend themselves to a Gantt-style view of project planning.

In the end we stopped using it, but next time I reach for Asana I’ll try to use Instagantt with it from the outset. Because marrying these two views of a project would be project management nirvana…

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