Hey Malia, thanks for dropping by, and I hope my post helps you out.

Reading the transcript first is probably the most efficient method, but it doesn’t work when you’re discovering a new podcast, so since writing my post I’ve added an alternative method, which I’ve followed for some of the resources on my Hub tagged “top3pods” recently.

This method kicks in when I find myself liking a new podcast so much that I want to extract maximum benefit from it, but didn’t prepare myself by reading the transcript first. Usually that happens because it’s an unexpectedly good episode, or a new podcast entirely. I usually discover that when I am not in a position to do much more listen — I’m on my bike, or in the metro.

So I simply finish listening to it, and then note it as a Favourite in my podcast software. This adds it to my Queue — a selection of high-priority podcasts which I’ve decided to push further along my Personal Content Strategy funnel.

As in my original post, I then find, read and annotate the transcript. But as I have already listened to the podcast once, I usually annotate it as I listen to it a second time, usually at 1.5–1.8x speed, so make sure you have a podcast software allows for that.

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