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How to use your Hub to boost your productivity

Behind the scenes, your Hub helps you extract the most value from the best content, rather than being drowned in a firehose of meh.

focus on extracting the most benefit from the very best content

You need a set of tools to support this strategy. Alternatively you could use a Hub, which will provide them all (currently in Beta). Cue obligatory video:

  • Focus on the best content these Priority Sources produce: one-tap add this ‘best from the best’ into a private reading Queue, either from your Inbox or from any website. Ignore everything else.
  • The MyHub AI Engine will autotag your Queued content, so you can find content easily using the same faceted search interface on your public Hub
  • This is the best content from your Priority Sources, so add notes as you read, embedding the knowledge deeper into your mind
  • And then, of course, Share some or all of it as Stuff You Like via your Public Hub and linked social accounts

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