I agree with Alec Zaffiro:

Platforms take money to run, and its f i v e . b u c k s . a . m o n t h, guys.

It’s also somewhat normal that most of the articles they recommend are behind their paywall. That is, after all, exactly what they say:

Stories that are part of the paywall are also eligible for distribution to Medium readers through topics, which power recommendations on Medium on our home page, on our topic pages, in our Daily Digest and in our apps.

ut they risk strangling themselves if everything they promote to users is behind a paywall, simply because noone pays for something when they can’t see what it is. There are a few articles free per month for non-members, but they are remarkably coy about saying how many: as far as I can work out, it’s 3.


Honestly, I’d prefer more. But then, it’s just f i v e . b u c k s . a . m o n t h, or slightly less if you pay annually.

Which I just did. Because, ladies and gents:

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