I sympathise, but heartily disagree. Put simply, you’re Doing It Wrong.

If you store something to Pocket (or whatever) and never go back to it to read anything, you’re letting yourself be used by technology, rather than using technology for your own purposes.

Almost all the technology we have surrounded ourselves with today is based on exploiting human psychology, originally developed by designers of gambling machines. Which is why we Share stuff we haven’t actually read, why we spend more time mindlessly scrolling through our newsfeeds than we care to admit, why FOMO is worth billions to Facebook and is the basis of Slack’s success, to the detriment of its users.

There are many techniques to take conscious control. Personally, I couple Getting Things Done (GTD) techniques with a Daily Routine which separates content consumption from production/sharing. Among other things, this ensures that I only Pocket something which looks genuinely interesting and useful, that I read it within around 24 hours, and that I never lose it.

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