Imagining new features as the pilot Hubs launch


  • Integrating AI systems, particularly an auto-tagger which learns from Hub Editors and Visitors, driving’s ad-free business model
  • Best of the Web: browse the best Web content, curated and tagged by all Hub Editors, from a single place with (faceted) search.
  • Integrated Factchecking to spot disinformation and fake news.
  • Integrated Machine Translation to help great content find new audiences and support multilingual communities of interest.
  • Integrated text summary tools to help Users get more from content.
  • Filter Bubble Analyses to help Users break out of their echo chambers.
  • Text network visualisations to help users explore links between the content they discover on
  • Hub Discovery: find Hubs of interest and Follow them, so you can reBlog content from other Hubs onto yours, and browse content shared by them in your Private Reading Queue.
  • feed all the content shared by newsletters, Twitter accounts and Lists into your Private Reading Queue.
  • adding a newsletter and chatbot to each Hub.

AI integration to support an ad-free business model

  • an AI engine to auto-tag content, to be checked/corrected by Editors
  • a training module to learn from the Editors’ corrections — and their visitors’ behaviour — to train that AI in a virtuous cycle.

an advertising-free haven from surveillance capitalism

Discover better content

Browse the Best of the Web at

A brief tour of a wireframe of a possible page.
  • visitors can browse and search all content created & curated by all Hub Editors, filtering by tag, popularity, language and credibility (next point)
  • cards feature content credibility scores aggregated from factchecking services, something we hope to roll out to all Hubs — see Integrate factchecking to spot disinformation, below
  • cards show how many times the content has been curated (clicking “Shared N times” takes you to the full list of Hubs, aiding Hub Discovery)
  • logged-in Editors can ReBlog any card they like onto their own Hub — see Follow and reBlog other Hubs, below
  • Logged-in Editors can also access (top right) other features set out later: auto-translation and -summaries of the content they’re looking at, their Private Reading Queue, Filter Bubble Checkup, etc.

Follow & reBlog other Hubs (& vice versa)

  • Follow an entire Hub’s output, or just some of its Categories and/or tags. All matching Resources will be auto-added to your Private Reading Queue (below) for you to read at your leisure
  • reBlog a Resource from someone else’s Hub to yours with a click, or send it to your Queue to re-curate it yourself (wireframe, left)
  • be notified when someone follows or reBlogs you.

create communities of Hubs creating, curating and exchanging content of shared interest

Search for Hubs matching your interests

Feed more content into your Reading Queue

  • If you spot an interesting resource online but don’t have time to curate it, one-click add it to your Queue and come back to it later.
  • Follow a Hub: some or all of its content will appear in your Queue
  • Turn on Twitter-Likes: every time you Like a Tweet with a link, that link ends up in your Queue, ready to curate
  • Follow someone on Twitter? Have every link they Tweet end up in your Queue. Same for Twitter Lists.
  • And don’t miss resources send via your favourite enewsletters — pipe them straight to your Queue.

Get more out of better content

Integrate factchecking to spot disinformation

take factchecking debates off social platforms, where they amplify the spread of disinformation

Integrated machine translation

Pop your Filter Bubble!

suggest high-quality content from outside your echo chamber, helping you widen your perspective

Auto-Summarise Resources

Discover connections across your content

A newsletter and chatbot for every Hub



And your ideas?



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