Integrating Zettelkasten Pages into

Each Service Page “summarises what you do in a particular area, and guides readers to your most relevant content — including the relevant Stuff you Think and Do”FAQ: What are Service Pages?
  • the latest 9 Resources you’ve Hubbed and Highlighted (ie, a ‘Best of’ Resource) with any of those tags
  • a searchable, filterable collection of all Resources you’ve Hubbed with any of those tags.

From Service Pages to ZKPages

A month or two after launched, Trond Undheim invited me onto his Futurized podcast to talk about future trends at the intersection of surveillance capitalism, (social) media and polarisation.

  • contains your summary of what you’ve been reading about an idea, and what you think about that idea — how it resonates with you, connects to other ideas, etc.
  • automatically presents the latest 9 Resources you’ve Hubbed and Highlighted (i.e, labelled “The Best”) about that idea
  • automatically links to a searchable, filterable collection of all the Resources you’ve Hubbed about that idea.

What’s next?

For now I’m still exploring the idea, so I won’t change technically. All “ZK Pages” therefore still appear under my ‘Services’ whenever relevant, with “ZK” in the title to set them apart.

Annex: What is Zettelkasten?

For those unfamiliar with Zettelkasten, it’s essentially a note-taking system. Unlike others, it helps you find connections between ideas, and as such is an ideal part of your “second brain” (3 Resources).

“to make it easier for yourself to find cards with a particular tag, create another note where you list all the tags you’ve used, with each tag followed by a list of identifiers corresponding to notes that match the given tag” — David B. Clear
What is the Zettelkasten Research Method? — Shu Omi
  • most articles cover several ideas, so each Hubbed Resource touches upon several ideas, rather than Zettelkasten’s “one idea, one note” model
  • I create literature notes principally through selective quotation - select key phrase, copy/paste to Resource, edit it— rather than writing everything in my own words, which is something I tend to reserve for publication.



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