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Introducing What is a Hub, and Who’s it for?

Use to create your Hub: an AI-powered, ad-free centre for your online presence. There’s no advertising, so you are not the product — will be free from privacy invasion, user manipulation and sponsored posts pushing fake news.

All the Stuff you Like, Think and Do in one place is currently in Alpha, so register and reserve your Hub’s — for when I launch the beta phase. With in alpha, there’s only one example (mine) so check it out.

Stuff I Like

Each resource you like is a super-smart, AI-tagged, annotatable bookmark — content you curate for yourself and your audience with the click of a button.

Stuff I Think

If you blog, you probably publish on platforms like Medium, LinkedIn, etc., as they bring an audience. Blog posts are supposed to be evergreen (valuable for years, not minutes) but those platforms treat posts like status updates.

Blog posts are supposed to be evergreen … but blogging platforms treat them like status updates

Why’s that a problem? Well, have you ever tried browsing your Linkedin or Medium posts by subject? Hard, isn’t it? So how can your audience find what you’ve written that interests them?

Stuff I Do

Aka your professional portfolio. Again, today’s platforms make it hard for your audience — including potential clients — to find What You Do by subject. And again, your Hub can point to your work around the web, or can host your own descriptions. They’re also complemented by Service Pages.

AI-powered content marketing

All this content is tagged for you by MyHub’s AI engine (you can edit these tags anytime). Using the Hub’s innovative interface, your audience can easily discover what you Like, Think and Do about whatever interests them.

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you help your audience by curating good content of interest to them… and present relevant posts on what you Think and Do right alongside it

It’s the centre of your online world. That’s why I call it a Hub.

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