Great book, great T-shirt, Bondi beach, and me.

It’s Time to #Pay4Content (updated)

Mathew Lowry
2 min readJul 13, 2017

Most of are conditioned to not pay for the media we consume, assuming that the authors are getting paid via advertising. We have to unlearn this.

Society has to find ways to reward those creating the content we value, particularly when we use that content professionally. Take my recent post on the ‘backfire effect’ cognitive bias and #Brexit, for example:

For this I mined many sources, particularly a 3-episode You Are Not So Smart podcast from David McRaney (here’s episode one), which also inspired a wonderful Matthew Inman cartoon. So I bought David’s book and the Oatmeal’s t-shirt, and took them on holiday to Oz (the book & T-shirt, not the people).

So next time you read and *use* something from an independent content creator, please find a way of supporting them.

Update: If you read a lot on Medium, consider becoming a paying member, which I did in April. You get access to all “locked” content behind Medium’s paywall (non-subscribers currently get 3), including audio versions, plus access to stuff from paywalled publishers like the FT, Economist, WSJ, etc, and an offline reading list. And your money goes to writers on their Spotify-like programme, based principally on your applause.

It costs $5 per month. Time to put some of that where your mouth is: