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Reframe your communications strategy as part of your Innovation Programme to sidestep internal politics

An effective communications strategy must be connected to other strategies, usually managed by different departments. Reframing it as central to your organisation’s innovation strategy helps sidestep turf wars.

Let’s start with external communications

I’m starting here because I’m usually pulled in to help an organisation implement some aspect of its external communication strategy, usually online: relaunch a website, for example, or convene a community of interest.

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A slide I’ve used more than once

Create an integrated Audience Framework to align your internal and external communications strategies

Creating an integrated Audience Framework, encompassing both internal and external audiences, is fundamental to aligning your internal and external communications strategies. This will help identify synergies and economies of scale, particularly in content creation and curation (hence the centrality of Content Strategy in the Prezi).

Pick your perspective

Because the above Prezi starts with the external communication strategy, it frames internal communications as supporting external communications.

Knowledge Management and Employee Engagement don’t just support internal and external comms — they are supported by them

Or they would be, if they were aligned.

Reframe as Innovation

Hence the last phase of the Prezi, which frames all of these programmes and systems as interlocking components of the organisation’s Innovation Process.

  • linked together by excellent internal communications and collaboration systems
  • accessing first-rate knowledge management systems
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