Sounds like what you need is a machine-assisted curation tool where:

  • you define the sources you want to curate
  • the tool’s automatic semantic analysis engine automatically tags each new piece of content, allowing you to sort through those sources by interest — each tag menu is an interest feed, culled from your sources, with faceted search allows you to combine tags to get great granularity
  • every time you follow a link from a tag menu, the engine learns that it tagged that link correctly
  • you can also tell the engine when it made a mistake by deleting a tag
  • you can apply other language technologies to extract more value (machine translation, auto-summary, sentiment analysis)
  • you can do all this by yourself for yourself, or build a community around your topic, increasing both the number of sources curated and the human intelligence used to further train the engine

Does it exist? No. Should it exist? Yes. Want to learn more?

(but it doesn’t have to be about EU democracy — this is an interesting use case due to the multilingual aspect)

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