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Trying to explain to Brexiter-in-Chief Nigel Farage the benefits of the EU — Photo & caption, Gian-Paolo Accardo

Supporting EU Superheroes: thoughts from the Beer Factory

how can such “EU Superheroes” be supported without destroying their authenticity?

Some background for the uninitiated

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How Brussels ignored the Young European of the Year (and what must change)
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@albawhitewolf’s social reach from a Brussels conference was 2nd only to @EU_Regional, and brought in an entirely new audience (bottom right, orange).

The UK is not the only country with an anti-EU movement, and she’s not the only EU superhero fighting our corner. Perhaps we can learn from her experience

Activitists: an expendable resource?

Anyone giving or receiving such support will hang a massive target on their back

Forget the Institutions

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“If I slip you 20 euros and a stiff smile for the cameras, will you leave me alone?” — photo & caption, @happeningo

But what is her mission?

EU Supergirl’s conundrum

“I’m anti-Brexit so the EU Commission can’t work with me, but because I’m pro-EU the UK Remain Campaign won’t let me near the stage”

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