This chimes with an idea I was considering the other day, so can I add another idea to your list? Blog what you read.

Like many, I got out of the habit of reading books with the arrival of online content, particularly when I started blogging myself in 2007. I ended up picking up only a few books a year, usually over the summer, rather than one or two every month.

Last week I suddenly realised how much I was enjoying my current read (David Brin’s Existence, since you asked), and considered the idea of posting about it — either a formal book review, or simply riffing off it.

For people who think they are too busy writing to read (hint: you’re wrong; the more you read, the more you’ll write), establishing the habit of finishing a book with a celebratory blog post should tick both boxes, and get them reading again.

And a publication on Medium dedicated to such posts would be the icing on the cake. Any takers?

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