Totally agree with the sentiment — the question is: what to do about it?

While there are 1000 possible reasons blogs were supplanted by social media, but it was not inevitable that original content had to migrate away from blogs and into the platforms, as in Facebook Instant Articles, LinkedIn blogs, etc.

You were in jail at the time, but there was a point where many of us thought we could continue blogging and use social media to widen content discovery to those unable or unwilling to adopt RSS. Naive, perhaps, but everyone’s innocent in hindsight.

The problem today is that it makes almost no sense for someone starting out today to launch their own blog, because of the content discovery problem.

this is machine-assisted human curation.

However, open technologies (will) exist that could change that equation. By combining human curation with language technologies (automatic semantic analysis, machine translation, federated search) and cutting edge interface technologies (faceted search), new online hubs can be built to help bloggers find their audience around the world, rather than relying on centralised, controllable platforms. Such hubs would not use secretive algorithms — this is machine-assisted human curation.

A bunch of friends of mine built such a hub to surface good blogging about EUrope in 2008, based purely on human curation. But human curators tend to finish Uni, find jobs, have children and get a life, so I’m now trying to relaunch it with the above technologies. There’s absolutely no reason it need be limited to EUrope as a topic. More info here:

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