When EUSuperGirl came to Brussels

For the record: her EWRC press accreditation was a day old, but someone let her in, possibly because she was a 23 year old in a superhero costume carrying crowdfunded children’s books?
For the record: for those who think this ‘made’ her, she was on Channel 4 news before coming to Brussels

So if the blogging competition was an experiment, what can we conclude?

I first suggested a blogging competition in 2007–08

  • I had just launched a blogging platform on EU affairs and needed more people in the Brussels Bubble to be comfortable with blogging
  • but a blogging competition was considered ‘too risky’ because it was new
  • if you never try anything new, you will repeat your existing strategy
  • which is fine, if your existing strategy is working fine
  • the Commission’s existing communication strategy is not working fine

Fortunately, in 2016 DG REGIO was a little less risk-averse

  • Tony and Agnès are rockstars for supporting it, Matteo for running it
  • Note for the File I: the world didn’t end when Madeleina was ushered out of the press conference
  • Note for the File II, for those who thought that was a crisis: it was an opportunity (to explain the EC’s delicate position in these negotiations)

Maybe we can learn something from this?

  • evolved from apolitical, & uninterested in comms, to national figure and social media monster
  • instinctively learnt more about comms than some Brussels comms experts will know in their entire lifetimes
  • has become the sign of (some) things to come

So maybe the EU Commission should try something new more often?

What next?

But Letters2Europe isn’t aimed at Institutions, it’s aimed at people, so there’s no reason you can’t help

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