While a transcript is best, you can benefit from any textual description of the podcast’s content. The last part of my post (“refining the process”) mentions how to use the textual episode descriptions most podcasters include alongside the audio, for example:

* the episode descriptions in my podcast software are now included as part of my Inbox Scan

* my podcast software allows me to Favourite individual episodes, so my software’s Favourites menu is my Queue of podcasts, which move to the next stage of my funnel

* all episode descriptions link to online descriptions and (ideally) transcripts. Reading them filters out those I don’t need to actually listen to. The one I do want to process further are therefore Stored. This involves annotating it, creating in the process a ToDo to listen to it…

Most podcast creators, moreover, publish a blog post or a news item along with the podcast, to promote it. If they don’t, perhaps that podcast doesn’t belong in your high-priority curated inbox?

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PS The above terms (Curated inbox, Scan, Queue, Store, ToDos…) are explained fully here, in case you hadn’t seen it:

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