Why not make the lack of synchronisation a feature of your blogging, and not a bug?

For example, on January 13 I finally got around to publishing Where is social media taking you in 2016? on my primary blog on BlogActiv, about the effect social media has on us as individuals.

I then set to work on the next edition of my Top3ics enewsletter, which I publish on my TumblrHub. Naturally, in that edition I mentioned my post (go ahead and sue me for self-promotion: it was one link in about 20) … but when I turned to some of the other material about social media I had curated for that enewsletter, I saw I’d missed an opportunity in that original BlogActiv post to discuss another effect social media has — this time on society.

So I mentioned that briefly in my enewsletter, which went out Jan 17, and then developed it further as I mashed the two posts together on Medium:

“This post combines Where is social media taking you in 2016? (Jan 13, BlogActiv) with some follow-up thoughts from the Jan 17 edition of my fortnightly Top3ics enewsletter.”

As a result, I’m posting different things in different places, not just reposting the same thing over and over. Apart from widening audience (fair point, Shel Holtz) and allowing anyone who cares to track my thinking as it evolves, it helps ensure that my thinking does evolve — i.e., that I continue thinking and developing what I’m writing about after hitting ‘Publish’.

More on this:


PS re: Medium, the emergence of any one site ‘owning’ a content type is Bad News, but is that’s what’s happening? The past year has shown countless examples of a particular type of post appear, tailored to get views onMedium (46 resources Hub’d and counting — thanks IFTTT!). Probably a thesis in emergent properties of complex systems somewhere in there. Not sure it’s the death of the open web.

PPS http://mathew.blogactiv.eu/feed/ and http://mathewlowry.tumblr.com/rss

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