How minds change: win my place at the launch workshop

Win my place at David McRaney’s upcoming workshop by helping me write a chapter in an upcoming book on Personal Knowledge Graphs.

The last few episodes of David McRaney’s You Are Not So Smart podcast were just so good I decided to both pre-order his latest book and invest some time in improving the way I learnt from podcasts.

my place in the workshop is now up for grabs

Preorder the book instead

But first: don’t take my workshop place. You should preorder the book and get your own spot at that table instead. Here’s one reason why (and here’s the Intro and a first sample chapter — pdf):

Judging by the conversations on his podcast recently, this book should get into as many hands and heads as possible. Preorders, moreover, have a huge impact on overall sales. And we should all occasionally #pay4content.

Preorders have a huge impact on overall sales

Win my workshop place

Not convinced? Then try and win my place at his workshop by Quote Tweeting this thread with the question you propose asking at the workshop.

The winner will post the question I find most interesting (I’ll ask David’s opinion if he has the time).

So what would I like you to ask? My top priority right now is writing a chapter for an upcoming book on Personal Knowledge Graphs, so the best place to start is the first draft of my chapter’s Introduction:

It’s long, so feel free to skip to the section on Your Hub’s CMS: a Thinking Management System for writers.

After reading that, consider this: David McRaney is a prolific and bestselling writer, podcaster and speaker. He must read and absorb scores of scientific papers, blog posts, newspaper articles and more every month as he produces his own blog posts, podcasts, social content and books. I’m guessing that his “content productivity” and online presence are both critical to his success.

He is, in other words, exactly the sort of person I want to love So ask him an interesting question. I’ll choose the best answer on June 17 and pass it to David before I head off to Lapland.

To stay in touch with my upcoming chapter as I write it over the summer, check out Contribute, connect and stay informed.



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